Note: Request your domain setup. In order to set up your white-label web player, you need to send us a request to set up your domain. Contact our Support team if you have an annual subscription of the Medium or Large capacity plan with a Studio pack.

What is a White-label Player?

If you have an annual subscription to a Studio pack with a Medium or Large capacity plan, the “Player Rebranding” tab will be available in Settings.  This white-label player option allows you to use our software to create tours with your brand name attached. You will have access to customizing the tour with your own domain, favicon (website icon), and social media meta tags, while also having the option to remove the ‘Powered by Cupix’ logo.

How to Upgrade

1. Settings -> Plans -> Studio and Medium Capacity [these are minimum requirements]

2. Settings -> Billing -> Annual [this is required. note: it includes a 15% discount vs month-to-month payment]

Setting Up a White-label Player

If you meet the white-label requirements, the ‘Player Rebranding’ tab will appear in the Settings. You can set the player URL, favicon, and the title and description of social media meta tags. You can also select the option to ‘Remove ‘Powered by Cupix’ label’.

An example of how a white-label player appears online is shown in the following image:

Player URL

The player URL refers to the domain name of the web player. A white-labeled web player will have an address in the format ‘https://(your customized domain)/p/<path>’ instead of ‘<path>’. Type the domain name without ‘http://’.  You will be notified if the domain is invalid or already in use. Keep in mind that it will take up to a week for the new domain to be applied. If the player URL does not change one week after  submission, please contact our support team.

Favicon (Website Icon)

The favicon image size must be 32 x 32 pixels in PNG format. If you do not set the favicon, the Cupix logo will appear by default. The favicon change will be instantly applied to your Web Player.

Social Media Meta Tag

The social media meta tags consist of a title, description, and cover image. There is no limit to the number of characters used in the title and description. However, if they are  too long, they will be truncated with trailing ellipsis. We recommend that the title does not exceed 90 characters and the description is less than 250 characters (150 for mobile devices). This may be different depending on the platform you use. Check the title, description, and cover image of the web player on the intended platform before publishing. Updates to the social media meta tag will be applied to your web player immediately. Only JPEG and PNG formats are supported for the social media meta image. The image file size must be less than 250 KB. The load speed will be faster if a smaller file size is used.

Remove ‘Powered by Cupix’ Label

If ‘Remove ‘Powered by Cupix’ label' is enabled, the ‘Powered by Cupix’ logo that appears at the bottom of the loading web player will be removed. This update will be applied immediately.