Storage discount would allow you to create and host ten times more 3D tours in the long-run. When a 3D tour is older than 12 months, only 10% of its actual file size will be counted against the capacity plan. For instance, when you create a 3D tour with the total of 100 MB photos today, it will be counted as 10 MB 12 months after. To be able to get this long-term storage discount, you are required to subscribe to the Medium or Large capacity plan.

How it works

If your capacity plan and 3D tours meet the following requirements, we will add only 10% of 3D tours' actual file size against your capacity plan.

  • You have been on the Medium or Large plan over the past 12 months or longer.
  • The 3D tour is older than 12 months.

Note:Switching capacity plans between the Medium and Large plans will not affect timing 12-months, but downgrading to the Petite or Small plan will invalidate the storage discount immediately.

Keep in mind:Storage discount is not applied to files in the Asset library.