In the Workspace tab's Player Settings, 

you can set loading image, watermark image, nadir photo, initial Field of View and GUI. 

These settings will be applied to all 3D tours in the workspace. You can set them differently for each workspace. 

Loading logo

This will appear while the web player is loading. Your team logo will be presented by default. SVG, JPEG and PNG formats are supported. The maximum size is 300x150 in pixels.

Watermark image

This will appear at the top-center of the web player. “Same as Loading Logo” is selected by default. You may upload and use your own logo. The logo will have an option to insert a hyperlink for a user to jump to the designated URL when clicked in the player mode. SVG, JPEG and PNG formats are supported and the maximum size is 300x150 in pixels.

Nadir Photo

This will appear at the bottom when you look at the floor in the web player. JPEG and PNG formats are supported. Width and height should be same with a power of 2 from 64 to 512 in pixels. 

Camera Settings

The Initial Field of View range is from 24 to 100 degrees and the FOV is 100 degrees by default. The smaller FOV makes zoom in the camera.

Colors of GUI Elements

You can change colors of GUI elements such as background color and transparency of the interactive floor plan.


You can turn on/off 3D tour info and help info. The 3D tour info shows the information you wrote in the Overview tab such as title and description. 

Help info gives your clients instruction on how to navigate the 3D tour. You can also select the position of a toolbar.