You can improve client engagement and increase brand recognition within your 3D tour by customizing your web player. The Player Settings menu allows you to set the loading image, watermark image, nadir photo, initial field of view, and the appearance of GUI elements in your web player. You can access the Player Settings from the Workspace tab.

These settings will be applied to all 3D tours in the current workspace. Different settings can be applied to different workspaces.

Loading Logo

The loading logo image appears while the web player is loading. The team logo is displayed by default. The maximum accepted image size is 300 x 150 pixels, and the file must be in SVG, JPEG, or PNG format.

Watermark Image

The watermark image appears at the top-center of the web player after the 3D tour is loaded. The watermark image is set to 'Same as Loading Logo" by default. Upload a separate image to display something different from the loading logo. The maximum accepted image size is 300 x 150 pixels, and the file must be in SVG, JPEG, or PNG format.

Nadir Photo

The nadir photo appears at the bottom of a 360 photo when you look at the floor in the web player. Use it as an opportunity to cover tripods or helmets while displaying your company branding.

Acceptable image dimensions are 64 x 64 pixels, 128 x 128 pixels, 256 x 256 pixels, and 512 x 512 pixels. Images must be JPEG or PNG files.

No image will appear if the nadir photo is deleted. Also, the nadir photo may not be visible if the camera tilt angle in the player is too low. The nadir photo will be applied to your 3D tour on Google Maps.

Camera Settings

A 360 photo is a wide-angle image that completely surrounds the point at which it was taken (aka the camera). Our 360 tours are able to display each image across a certain width determined by an angle. The field of view (FOV) controls the angle across which the 360 image is displayed. The initial field of view is 100 degrees by default and ranges from 24 to 100 degrees. Use a smaller FOV to zoom in and display a narrower portion of the photo, and a larger FOV to zoom out and display a wider portion of the photo. The following images are examples of wide and narrow FOVs, respectively.

GUI Elements

The GUI elements and text in a 3D tour are customizable. These include the transparency of the interactive floor plan, the background color, and the text color.


Additional customizable web player options can be set from ‘Others’. You can enable or disable 3D tour info and help info, and set the position of the toolbar. The 3D tour info shows information from the Overview tab such as the title and description. The help info displays instructions on how to navigate the 3D tour.