Does it cost extra to reupload a model?

If you are subscribed to a Small capacity plan or larger, you can reupload files as many times as you like as long as you are within your capacity limit. This storage limit does not include the 3D BIM models that are generated when a new tour is created, it only considers the photos, videos, and files you upload. If your 3D tour has failed to generate correctly, delete the tour to free up storage space and create a new tour.

If you have a Petite capacity plan, you have a limited number of 3D tours you can create per month. Therefore, reuploading photos may not be allowed unless you upgrade your capacity plan. You can submit a ticket if your 3D tour fails to generate properly due to technical issues. In this case, the same 3D tour can be reuploaded.

Note:Photos, videos, and other uploaded files are considered when calculating how much Cupix storage space is used. All photos, videos, and files in your Asset Library are counted toward your storage plan as well.