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I have an art gallery. When someone arrives at a viewpoint, can I set it so that it is directly facing the picture? Thanks in advance.

  • Yes, I encounter so many problems with cupix with literally no answer so I’m just gonna start answering the ones I think I can help with on here. I assume you mean the direction of the actual pano (The photo with the painting in it) which is pretty easy. I think if you just go into the Layout tab, Grab The pano or the point that contains it and you should be able to turn it around. There’s a little light or fan shaped icon that shows which way the pano is “facing“. If you want to move this entire section, or the way it faces, you should be able to right click and select “ Select enclosing section”, then turn it which ever way you want to face in relation to the rest of the project. This could screw up your directionals if the other shots aren’t facing the same direction as that one though so I would make sure that everything is in sync with each other in terms of how everything is facing throughout the room or the tour. If you try to have one random point facing a different direction than the rest of the points it will probably cause some problems with with the consistency and the directional arrows. If you want to do that I’m pretty sure you could just click edit connectivity and disconnect that particular pano from the rest of your section and then turn it whichever direction you want so that the rest of the section wouldn’t be turned along with it. I’m not sure if that would mess up your project though if you want the camera to be facing the paintings then you should just have it positioned the way that the paintings are facing and then use that direction for your entire tour. If all of that is literally too complicated you could just put an arrow in some 3-D text that says “turn right to view photos“ or something like that. Sorry I don’t know much about cupix and I’m really just spit balling here but it seems pretty helpless when you really have a problem with their stuff and nobody really answers anything on here. Hopefully this at least point you in the right direction. Oh yeah one more thing if you literally want the tour to start with a view of the pictures in your gallery, you can go to the publishing tab (I think), and click the little flag icon which will enable this as the “entry point“ of your tour. I’m pretty sure when you do that you also get to select which way the camera is facing and exactly how it looks when you enter the tour on that shot. Good luck
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