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Cupix Release Notes - November 15, 2018

Release Notes

November 15, 2018

  • Assign imported or failed to be auto-aligned panos to the Unaligned group: Pano photos uploaded through our indispensable feature, “Upload and import panos”, or any panos that are failed by the auto-alignment will now be specially grouped in the “Unaligned” group.

  • Position each unaligned panos directly onto the grid: For the ease of adding the unaligned panos to any section, now they will be listed on the left side of the layout tab to be put down. You can select each pano and move it to the desired position on the grid with a simple click. Don’t forget to align them afterward!

  • Add an empty group to organize sections: By adding an empty group to the tree interface of the Overview tab, you will have more freedom to organize sections. Just drag any ungrouped section into a new group.

  • Edit each pano’s connection with set distance: Does it feel tedious to connect or disconnect each and every neighboring pano? The Edit Connectivity mode will allow you to designate a distance that will automatically connect or disconnect panos within it

  • Disable panos that are taken before/after current pano: We added another feature to save you a lot of time. Disabling all panos that are taken before or after the current pano is newly available when you right-click each pano.

  • Right-click to edit all panos with variables: You can right-click anywhere on the 2D grid in the Layout tab to access the Batch Update. The Batch Update is newly implemented to enable or disable connections as a whole followed by a number of variables such as tilted angles, number of panos within a distance and distance between panos.

  • Disable panos tilted greater than given angle: You can now disable all the panos tilted more than a set angle but keep others enabled through the Batch Update.

  • Enable one pano per a grid cell: A hypothetical grid will be created to enable only one pano that is closest from the center of each grid cell. Sometimes it is a good idea to spotlight only the ones that represent!

  • Auto-adjust level of detail of floor plan in the Web player mode: During the Web player mode, you don’t have to worry about too many pano rings covering up on top of your floor plan image. Adjustment to the level of detail on your floor plan will be automatically be applied, and only an adequate number of pano rings will show following your zoom in and out.

  • Save and delete object dimensions in Review tab: When the “Enable Measure” is toggled on from the Customize Player option, you can now measure dimensions in the Review tab. If you have edit-authority, you are even allowed to delete all measurements, however, review-only member will only be able to delete the ones measured by self.

  • Toggle on/off to show and hide disabled panos: The ugly disabled (“X” ed) panos can now be unseen by toggling “Hide disabled panos” button.

November 20, 2018

  • Removed the sectioning toolbar icon in the BIM Compare mode in the Web player: While in the web player's BIM compare mode, the sectioning tool bar that was once used to lock the view by x,y,z axis has been removed.
  • The Edit Connectivity mode is a great idea, but it needs to be able to be applied to a set of panos, not just one at a time.  (Right now, it still feels tedious.)  Barring that, at least provide a way to apply the previously-set parameters to the current pano.  Right now, the numbers remain from the prior pano, but the only way to actually have them "take" is to modify them by a centimeter or whatever.  Thanks!

  • To clarify, the steps I currently take for a typical straight-line are: Right-click the pano > Edit Connectivity; Disconnect All; Left-click the prior pano to connect it, (but not the next, since that's about to get deleted); Repeat with next pano.  I timed this, (sample size: 10 panos), and these steps take me 12 seconds per pano.  Multiplied by hundreds or thousands of panos, and I'm looking at hours or days of time just on this one step.  That's way too long, especially when the Street View app lets you do this in a second or two per pano.

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