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Change NADIR image by tour.

How is it possible to change the nadir image for a tour. If I am creating a tour for a client I want to put their logo on the nadir. From what I can see I would have to charge them $53 a month which is a little steep especially if I just want to publish to Google Street View. I understand how to put my own up, and presumably I will have more than 1 client.  Am I missing something?

  • Hi, Leon.

    Thanks for writing in.  Both branding customization and Google Street View publication are included in a Studio Pack which means you need to subscribe to the Studio pack either ways you solely need to publish to Google Street View or just want to set the nadir image. You can set the different nadir image for each workspace, and all 3D tour in the same workspace have the same nadir photo, watermark image, and team logo. Therefore, if you have multiple clients, you need to purchase multiple workspaces as well.

    There are two alternative options you can take.

    1 ) After exporting your 3D tour to Google Street View, change the nadir photo for a new customer.
    Your 3D tour on Google Map will have the same nadir regardless of your current branding setting. However, the change will be applied to all published 3D tours on your website, social media or whatever platform except Google Maps.

    2) Use photo editing program and create a nadir photo before you upload.
    Set your nadir photo to 'none' and upload 360º photos with a nadir. You can patch your own nadir with your client's logo with Photoshop. Here's a video you can refer.

    We hope you can figure out the best way and we'll always be here for you for any further assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Cupix Support

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