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Greater movement through a home tour

Is there a way to move through a tour faster than 'one step at a time'? In other words, if I want to move to another room, I want to be able to click somewhere in that room and move there immediately, rather than taking the 4 or 5 stops between it and where I currently am.  How can I do this?  (It seems I can do this on the editing page by clicking on any specific circle point, but not when reviewing the final tour).  

  • Hi, Geranmy.

    Thanks for writing in. You can hide unnecessary panos not to show every single step in your 3D tour. Right-click an unnecessary pano and select Hide. Or, you can hide it merely by clicking '' icon. You can refer to this video from 9'18 to learn more about how to hide panos. The hidden panos still appear on the editing page; however, they will not be displayed in the Web Player. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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