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Different problems creating my first tour

Hello everyone. I just got a 360 camera and this morning i tried to create my first 3D with cupix. I got some strange errors. First, even if i create just one section when the server processes the images i get many different sections. I also get some other errors (Some panos are not aligned correctly and aligned but not connected. I tried to reupload the images stitching with the camera app on the phone and with the computer and the result is the same. I can´t find where´s the problem since it´s only one floor and i think i took enough photos. When i zoom out i see also that the points are very far from the actual floorplans. Anybody knows what can produce this error or how to solve it? thanks in advance

  • Hi, Raul.

    Thanks for writing in. Sometimes the process can end up with several sections even if you upload only one. Mostly, the reason is insufficient similar pixels among photos. Our server can hardly find the camera location, let alone the 3D model, and end up with NA or ANC cases. NA, or Not-Aligned, is the case when the location of a 360 photo is not able to be computed. ANC, or Aligned-but-Not-Connected, is the case when 360 photos are aligned as a group but not connected to the entire set. Please, read this article( thoroughly and follow these tips when taking photos. 

    • ake one photo under every doorway.
    • Space photos by one step near doorways.
    • Space photos by two steps in hallways.
    • Space photos by three steps in rooms.
    • Don’t take photos too close to the walls or furniture.

    If your 3D tour has the same problem even after you followed those instructions above, send us the URL of your 3D tour, so we can take a look.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Hello. I already sent a support ticket regarding this issue (no answer yet). I sent an url also. Please check it out.

  • Hi, I have the same problem that Raúl. The ANC automatically agroup me different photos and it makes me impossible to edit my tour 360 like i want it. 
    Please I need help. Thanks

  • Hi, Felipe.

    Thanks for writing in. Would you leave a ticket with the URL of  your 3D tour? We'll take a look and give you more detailed instruction.

    In the meantime, you can refer to these tutorial videos;

    * How to create a 3D tour with single panoramic photo

    * How to edit sections

    We will be working on creating a new tutorial that explains how to manage the ANC sections. We'll inform you when it is ready.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  •  only my first twee photos

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