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Is there going to be an integration with any cloud storage systems for uploading? Most photographers upload all their photos to a cloud system for storage and it would be convenient to be able to upload to Cupix through that same system.

In one case, I sent out interns to take photos and in order for them to give them to me they use our cloud storage system. I found myself downloading them just to upload them again. I know that I could have instructed him to upload it directly but they have not been introduced to Cupix and we had multiple interns taking photos which I wanted to upload all together. 

As a bonus, it would be nice to know which cloud storage system Cupix uses so cloud transfers would be fastest.

  • Hi, Devin.

    Thanks for writing in and sorry for the late reply. We've been busy preparing our official launch. 

    Unfortunately, we don't have a plan to provide any cloud storage systems as you suggested. We charge based on capacity and features, and the cost per GB is relatively high compared to other cloud storage services because we include processing cost as well. Also, anyone, even your interns can easily create 3D tours successfully if they follow the instructions thoroughly. We're going to update our support center with more learning materials and various tips using our app. We believe that it will be helpful for you to instruct your employees with those materials, and once they get used to our app, which will be very soon, you can ask them to upload to our server directly. (FYI, we have team feature that you can control permissions of your collaborators and team members, which is useful when it comes to managing a team project with multiple participants.) However, we'll discuss this topic, and if there are any changes in our plan, we'll inform you.

    For the last question, we use Amazon Web Services.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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