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Can cupix be used for car interior?


Can cupix be used for car interior? I tried this. Didn't work out too well for me...I am still learning. Does anybody know of a tutorial or anything that i can base on to learn to fix inconsistencies or mistakes done in photo-taking by using the editor? 

  • Hi, Razil.

    Yes, you can capture the inside of a car, but it's hard to create a 3D mesh. You can still insert 3D annotation using an occlusion box and a pushpin if needed. Keep in mind that our service is not optimized for capturing a car and this can be a challenging try. Here are tips taking photos inside of a car and a sample 3D tour that you can refer to. ->

    - Take a photo from each seat(at least 4) and take one in the middle of a passenger seat and a driver's seat. You can take more photos if needed.

    - Take one photo right next to each door.

    - Keep the camera steady while capturing. Use a tripod to keep the camera stand an even position.

    A 3D tour may not be aligned correctly, even though you follow the instructions above. In that case, you can manually edit panos. Click a pano that is not located in the correct position, and select Transform Pano. Place it in the right spot and exit the editing mode. Also, you can alternate the connectivity and adjust scale if needed. If the panos are tilted, follow this method. Click the tilted pano and select Transform Pano. Click Fix Orientation. Click the start point of the vertical line that is supposed to be the right vertical axis of the image. Repeat this process until you fix the tilt. Once you are done click ESC key to leave the edit mode. 

    We've carefully checked your 3D tour and here are some suggestions that may help you to get a better result.

    1. Do not stand the light next to the window. Too bright exposure outside may interrupt to find a correct vertical line.

    2. Upload a photo of a hood to a different section.

    3. Take one more photo in between seats ensuring enough overlaps.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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