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A Compass setting for each Panos would help


As I sort through the dozens of panos for each project I'm finding it very tedious to set each one facing the correct direction in relation to the floorplan.  To that end, it would be nice to setup North on each floorplan and for each panos before sorting through them all.  This could speed the process considerably.

  • Hi, Chris.

    Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately, we can not receive the GPS data which contains the direction information, if the photos are taken indoors. For the outdoor photos, we utilize the GPS info when we map photos to reduce the process time. We understand that positioning the separated panos manually is tedious and complicated, and to minimize the effort and time to do that work, you need to take more photos ensuring sufficient overlaps among photos. You can get a better quality 3D tour with more photos, and you are able to hide unnecessary photos later after uploading them. 

    You can expect the better quality 3D model and less section separation if more photos are taken. Keep in mind these basic rules below and refer to this help article on our support page.

    • Take one photo under every doorway.
    • Space photos by one step near doorways.
    • Space photos by two steps in hallways.
    • Space photos by three steps in rooms.
    • Don’t take photos too close to the walls or furniture.

    We appreciate your feedback and will keep trying to figure out a method to make the manual pano alignment more efficient.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I understand but am asking for a manual compass control to spin a panos without its view staying on a preset compass direction. Not all panos need to be rotated, but they seem to stay set to an artificial preset conpass when I do have to rotate one. Unfortunately we cannot revisit a property after the initial pictures have been captured.
  • Hi, Chris

    We understand what you requested, and we will discuss this topic in our internal meeting. If we have any updates regarding this, we will give you heads up. Again, thanks for trying out us and leaving your opinion on our forum.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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