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Pictures unclear when uploaded to program

I’m very new to 360 photography and I have just started using the Cupix program to make irtual tours. How come when I take pictures with my Ricoh theta v they appear clear on opening and viewing, but when I load them onto the Cupix program they appear foggy and pixilated, how can I fix this? What is causing this to happen?
  • Hi, Laura.

    Thanks for writing in. First of all, we don't compress the image files or do anything that may lower the quality of the images. Therefore, we guess the 360º photos are already a bit foggy and pixilated when you captured the scene. Even though the images look okay on your mobile, when you open it on a bigger screen like your monitor, you may feel like the quality has been reduced. We've carefully checked your 3D tour, and the place you captured seems to be too bright at some spots like near the window, and that may cause the noise/blurriness in the scene. 

    There are two solutions for this.

     1. Close the curtains and turn on the lights to adjust the brightness. This will reduce the exposure difference between window sides and others. As a result, you can get clearer 360º photos.  

     2. Set your camera to the HDR mode.

    Also, Cupix links photos in 3D when it finds common objects between the photos as shown in the images below. Therefore, photos require sufficient overlap to be aligned automatically.  This is why it’s important you take enough photos for the Cupix 3D virtual tour. Before you retake photos, read this instruction( carefully to obtain a successful 3D tour.

    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

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