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Accurate Measurwments in the Model

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I'm having some trouble with the measurement of my model.  I've tried calibrating the model with a true to life measurement - but then when I measure other items the measurements are incorrect to real life.   What am I doing wrong?  is there somewhere specific on the model that is best to take the measurements?


  • Hi, Greg. 

    Thanks for writing in. Cupix recreates your photos into a 3D rendered model using photogrammetry, not 3D scanning. Therefore, the accuracy of the dimension is relatively less accurate compared to 3D models made with 3D scanners. However, this can be adjusted by manual calibration, hence improving the overall measurements in 3D tours. You can adjust scale manually adjusted in the editor. The following is an instruction to explain how to calibrate in our editor app. Also, you can refer to this video.

        ① First, measure anywhere inside the 3D tour. Click the ruler icon labeled measure a dimension. Click one end and the other end on the view monitor.
        ②Next, calibrate the dimension. Right-click the dimension and choose Calibrate. Type in the actual dimension and click OK.

    For your information regarding the accuracy of the measurement, we have a plus-or-minus-3-percent margin of error. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Are there plans on bringing the accuracy to a higher level?  We are a survey firm and looking for a platform that will allow us to generate a product that is accurate to several parts per million.  My current expected errors are 2mm plus 2 ppm, is that outside of your software's capability?

  • Accuracy for photogrammetry is dependent on pixels which means camera and user errors are going to be your biggest factors. Cupix will only be able to give you an estimate based on you performing in an ideal situation. A better camera and improving your understanding of photogrammetry will increase your accuracy. Something as small as clouds covering the sun can alter the cameras perception of the pixels which lowers your accuracy. Another issue is a single pixel is more accurate the closer it is to the camera so the accuracy varies throughout your scan. 

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