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Photo not in virtual tour and team member cannot be added


1. I just created a 3D tour but several of my pictures were not included in the virtual tour and were separated to another section (Section1-1) in overview. May I know how can I put them in the virtual tour?

2. I wanted to add my colleague into the team members but it gives me an error - "Failed to add team members". May I know how to solve this?

Thank you.

  • Hi, Liong

    Thank you for writing in.

    1. You can manually merge the separated section with the original one. Firstly, group all the separated sections and the original section. Go to the Floor Plan tab; then you can see all the sections including the separated ones on the grid monitor. Select one of the separated sections and position it to a right place by dragging, To give you a tip to select the section, right-click it then click 'Select Enclosing Section.' Rotate it in a right direction. Once you're done, right-click a station(=circle) that you want to connect with and click connect. Here's a video you can refer to.

    2. If the person you invited already has our account, you are not able to invite the person to your team and may see the error message 'Failed to add team members.' Check if the person has our account first, and if the error message still shows even though he/she doesn't have our account, let us know. Also, there's another way to share your workspace others. Click 'Share' on the left menu then you can invite anyone who has a cupix account. You can assign them permission; read-write or read-only. It depends on your purpose, but if you intend to share your tour and collaborate with them editing 3D tour together, you can use this method instead of adding team members.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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