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Is it possible to add audio files to the 360-tour? Or maybe some sound effects?

  • Hi.

    Unfortunately, adding audio files or sound effects to 3D tours is not available at this moment. We've received similar feature requests before, and we're considering adding the feature in our future update.

    Your feature request has been accepted, and we'll inform you when we release the feature. 

    We appreciate your opinion and let us know anytime when you come up with a brilliant idea that will improve our service. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support 

  • Is this feature available?

  • Is this feature available?

  • Hi Cupix team - I ain't too proud to beg for this feature! 

    Allowing users the choice to listen to videos already in the space would enhance our tours TREMENDOUSLY, and help drive more traffic to my clients' 360 experiences. Background music or SFX loops would be the bee's knees.

    Clients have already requested the ability to insert existing videos (with sound) into the VR space, so any development attention on audio would be greatly appreciated! 

    Walt Wasdyke

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