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Creating sections after uploading & Dollhouse view



Is there a way to create sections after they have all been uploaded?  I uploaded all the photos of the house as one section and Cupix stitched them altogether. 

Can I select the images from the floorpan view and then assign them to a section, say like the 'porch'?

Also my 3D dollhouse model only looks black or grey when I toggle the 3D mode buttons, rather than like the dollhouse overview that I've seen in the demos. Wondering how I can get this feature working properly.

Thank you!

  • I have also the problem with the black dollhouse :/

  • Hi, Joseph.

    Thanks for writing in. Currently, you are not able to create more sections in the 3D tour after the uploading is completed. You need to create a new tour to make it to two sections. 

    We're sorry, but you are not able to select images and assign them to a section. We recommend you to add a floorplan and show your tour with the floorplan then it will be similar to what you intend to. 

    The 3D model mode shows a grey mesh model of your tour, and the 3D texture mode shows a colored one. We've checked your tour and it works well. Please, refresh the page or delete cache and try again. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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