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Hi !

 I'm doing a tour about big real estate and i uploaded my files up to the Cupix. the downloading process went fine but now when the tour is finalizing it self it has gotten stuck to point Calc point cloud for over 12 hours. Is the process just so slow or what is happening?

  • Hi, Henrikki.

    Sorry for your inconvenience. The processing time is dependent on the number of photos you upload. Normally, it takes about one hour to process a 30 photos upload. However, it can be delayed a bit longer when there are not enough common objects between photos. Sometimes it looks it's still processing until you refresh the page. You will receive a notification email when the tour is completed, so please wait. 

    If the calculation process takes more than 12 hours, you will see an error message saying 'timed out.' In that case, contact us then we will help you with it. 


    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I have an upload of 19 photos and it is still processing after 18 hours. I have refreshed the screen and it shows "Calc Meshes". It has been in this state for 14 hours. Is this normal? This is a short test. Our actual tours would be much longer with many more photos. I created a support ticket but wanted to also mention it here for others to benefit. The 19 photos are from an outdoor environment walking down a path in a park. The photos are 360 images each of which are 12K equirectangular resolution.

  • I found out that The tour wasent working outside. I had to only use The inside pictures. I'm not sure If The system regocnises The outside pictures. I think The program needs walls to recognice The enviroment.
  • There have been many tours created of outdoor environments using Cupix. But as the site becomes completely greenfield (only trees, bushes, grass, etc.) it presents a bigger challenge to automatically align the photos in the tour. Cupix has been optimized to recognize man-made features within photos so as there are more man-made objects such as paths, structures and buildings in the tour then it becomes easier for Cupix to align the photos.

  • Hi Dean - There was a minor server update overnight which may have brought up an issue with your tour processing.  We have followed up on your support ticket and will help you troubleshoot your issue. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Hi guys! Ihave processed my 3d tour render during more that 12 hours.. And now it still stays on "Calc Meshes" position..  I had no messages about "timed out" or something else..  But.. it consist only from 13 ''360 degrees'' photos based on a 22 square meters.. Why it can be so long now? I means that may be i did some mistakes in preparing process?
    Thank for answer!
    P.S. That my first expirience on your resource service :)

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