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I have a construction client that requires fine detail in the pictures.
I plan to shoot images with a DSLR and provide 32000px X 16000px HDR images.

Can Cupix accommodate this size image?
If not,
What is the maximum image size image that can be uploaded?

Does Cupix resize the images in the player and reduce the quality?

  • With the resolution you are describing, yes, you can upload these photos to produce a Cupix Tour. There is currently no limit to the resolution or file size of uploaded photos. 

    Within the player you may we will do a minor compression with photos of this size to improve rendering performance. We like to get your feedback on if we have the balance of quality and compression right and other factors such as zoom level, so please feel free to create the Cupix tour and share your thoughts with or here in this discussion thread. 

    Note on Hybrid 360 photography for Automatic Alignment of Photos 

    Bear in mind the recommendations on photo spacing, such as taking 1 photo under every doorway, does not mean you to use the same camera to capture photos. You can use different cameras and upload all of the data to Cupix. And by following the recommendations on photo spacing you will end up with an automatically aligned tour.

    For example, you can use any one-click 360 cameras like a Ricoh Theta along with high-resolution 360 photos that you might capture from a panoramic rig and upload all of the files together into Cupix. The higher resolution photos will appear alongside the lower resolution files which you might use to exclusively capture uninteresting areas such as hallways and doorways (which typically don't need high resolution data) saving the high-resolution camera for opens areas such as the center of a construction site or a courtyard. 

    In practice, the one-click low-resolution cameras are so fast at collecting data you may also want to shoot the entire site with it to ensure you don't miss a spot. The diagram below shows a mix of low and high-resolution cameras used to efficiently shoot a scene.

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