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Aie everybody, Anyone know if we can use cupix for Google virtual visit?
  • Hi.

    The Google Street view export feature will be added soon within a couple of months. Currently, we've finished development, but it takes time to optimize the work process with Google. We'll notify you via newsletter once the feature is released.

    We always thank your interest and please wait for a little while. 

    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

  • Thanks great! I started looking at other companies offering this Google service.  Since the street view app is very buggy.   Look forward to it.

  • Great!
    I'm looking fordward too.
    I've seen the youtube video of this, is already available?



  • Hi, Jose!

    The Google street view export will be available very soon. We are currently in the last stage of development and almost ready to release the feature. We'll inform you via newsletter and facebook. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Publishing from Cupix to Google Street View is now supported as of mid-March 2018. Please see this How to Video. Thanks for your patience and let us know how you like it or if there's any areas where you think it can be improved. The workflow is simple:

    1. Upload the panos to Cupix and wait for process completion email. It should take about an hour to process depending on the size of your tour. You will end up with aligned and connected panos and a 3D mesh that you can use to align to Google Maps.
    2. Make any color adjustments to pano such as gamma, contrast and vibrance, and add or remove a blurring mask to selected areas in panos. Faces in the panos will be automatically blurred using artificial intelligence features in Cupix that detect faces. You can customize your nadir patch at this time which can be used to cover the appearance of the tripod at the bottom of the photo.
    3. Align the panos and 3D mesh to maps and hit Publish. Cupix will publish to Google Street View using the Google account you select. Your panos and the connections between panos will appear in Google Maps typically within a few minutes. A link to the Google Maps location will be stored in the Cupix editor if you ever need to revisit publish.

    A few notes:

    • Publishing to separate levels in Street View is not available at this time. Let us know if that is a make-or-break feature for you and we'll prioritize this.
    • You can Unpublish the Google Street View panos from the Cupix editor. Just hit the un publish button and step through the unpublish confirmations. 
  • Wonderful!

  • Hi, I have a problem with publish on street view:
    I have some 360 that I've connected only with a few ones, but in street view there are all arrows like if it is connected with every 360... Editing conections in street view is correct but final result in tour is not (see captures: image 6 is connected to 4 images, but in tour it is connected to all, too much arrows).
    I've waited 5 days so it's not question of waiting a little bit that street view takes changes... Any idea of how to solve this??

  • Hi, I published a tour on Street View and its been 3 days and still not showing... Its there a bug or am I missing something?

  • Hi, Frederic

    We omitted your post and we're sorry for the late reply. it seems like it's caused by Google Street View. Please, contact to Google Street View support center for further assistance.

    And B 360. Your 3D tour is on Street view. Here's the link; Amore Restaurant Bar

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Thanks for your reply Frederic! I couldn't wait any longer so I published on GoThru, I'll give it another try with another tour and see if i can move to your platform in the future.

  • I joined as a free member, was impressed by the software's ability to automatically recognize the position of each picture, relative to the others, and am about to upgrade to a paid account.  But yes, the ability to publish to a specific level is definitely a make-or-break feature.  I have over 5,000 panos from a 1.2 million square foot, two-story mall, and they obviously all need to get placed correctly.  I had assumed you could handle levels, since your website and videos specifically mention this.  Please advise; thank you!

  • David, I’d like to know if you have uploaded these 5,000 photos to Cupix and street view yet? Did all 5,000 photos show up in the malls google profile as separate images? I am going to do a similar size street view shoot but trying to find a solution to have a virtual tour with all photos linked in the tour but not showing up as separate photos in my clients google business page. Anyone know if this is possible with cupix and street view??
  • Hi, Tim, 

    I have only uploaded to Cupix one indoor segment (about 40 panos), and plan to upload one or two outdoor segments (of similar sizes) as a test.  I anticipate that I should have no issue in publishing the outdoor segments to SV, as there are no levels outside.  (Ironically, there actually are, since part of the grounds and parking is an artificial, buried, two-level structure, but SV doesn't know about this, and it doesn't affect my goals, so that aspect will simply get ignored.)  My concern, of course, is how to publish the indoor segments.  The mall has already been accepted into the Google Indoor Maps program, and so Maps is aware of the two indoor levels.

    As for your other question, I don't think that's a Cupix issue.  Google Street View doesn't seem to have the concept of tours without those photos also being displayed as individual pictures in Maps, etc.  As you are likely already aware, a tour is simply a set of connections between these photos.  What is your concern if they all display this way?  (I'm not being negative; I'm simply asking the question.)

  • David If I take thousands of panos for this ski resort client of their top 20 runs Iam estimating 100 photos per run or approx 2,000 photos minimum. These photos are going to then be the only photos showing up in their google my business profile and this the only photos people googling the resort will see! There’s a lot of other images they want to show rather than 2,000 images of a ski run. I just read through cupix support and see they have a possible solution but I don’t understand it. I guess I’ll just test. This is what the FAQ says: “To avoid showing every single photos of your 3D tour in the google, you may choose an option to link Place ID to chosen entry photos and highlight panos only when publishing through the Cupix App. Walk-through in the player is not affected by this, and will work as normal.” Anyone know about place ID?
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