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Stereoscopic 3D Support?



I am wondering if there is planned support for stereoscopic 3D in the future? I will be doing tours of residential real estate, and I'll soon have a camera that can take 360 3D stereoscopic images. The fully-3D capability would certainly make VR applications more appealing. Please let me know. Thanks!

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  • Hello, Jason.

    Thanks for writing in. You are the first person who requests the support for stereoscopic 3D and we appreciate your opinion. We haven't had that plan, but we will consider developing that feature in the near future. We deeply agree that tours will be way more immersive and be appealing with the fully-3D capability. 

    Also, you can create a 3D tour with the photos taken with the 360 3D stereoscopic cameras, but unfortunately, the display will not be different from the one from other 360 cameras. Please keep in mind that the width to height ratio of 360-degree photos should 2:1 like the image below.

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    Cupix Support

  • Understood! And, thank you for your fast reply!

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  • 360 solid is not Side by Side or Over / Under.
    The LT RT image must be loaded at the same time.

    If you are not a perfect sphere, the Viewer will cause eye strain. Existing cameras can not stitch perfectly due to time difference.

    You can make it up to 99%, but it takes effort to make it perfect.

    S3D 360 is attractive, but I hope you will have a lot of trouble.360

  • You hope that I will have a lot of trouble? Thanks? Also, I disagree. I have an Insta360 Pro, and it stitches stereoscopic images beautifully.

  • Hi, Jason

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. 

    I'm not good at English and just used the google translator to give you a tip that might be helpful. 

    But unfortunately, there's a big mistake. I meant I hope your tour creates well with no troubles. 

    Sorry again and hope you understand me.

  • Hi Kiljae,

    No problem, and thank you :)

    Best regards,


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