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What is the best way to annotate an object and link to video demo?

I have a tour of a gym that has unique equipment, and I attached a pin at each location I wanted to describe and placed a YouTube link to show the demo. Problem I have is the pins show up through walls, which isn’t good. See attached picture
  • Hi, Greg

    Sorry for your inconvenience and thanks for reporting that issue. The cause of the pins showing up through walls is the mesh of walls isn't created properly, and the server perceives two different rooms as one.  We'll add the 'occlusion box' function on the 3D box which can act as walls in this situation. This new feature will be updated next Tuesday, so please wait a couple of days. Once the new feature comes out, we will send you a video that explains how to use it. 

    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

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