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So is it going to be possible to add sets of pics after you have already created virtual tour?  For example, if you missed a room and you wanna just take a set of pics for that particular room and add them to what you have already built.  Is this possible already and I dont know how to do it, or is it not possible yet?

  • Hi, Lloyd

    Thanks for writing in. It is not possible to add more photos after creating virtual tours. The server tracks the overlapped features in photos and maps them to create a tour. If you add more photos the entire process needs to start over again from the beginning. However, you can delete a few photos that cause errors in processing, and recalculate the tour(This feature will be available in our next update in February).

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    Cupix Support

  • Hi,

    As a follow-up question, is it possible to reposition photos within a section after a tour has been created in case there is an error in the server's placement? For example, in a recent tour that I created, Cupix put a couple of the pins in the wrong rooms. But, since they were part of a section together, the editor doesn't seem to want to let me manually reposition the photos into the correct rooms.

    If I just hide the erroneous photos, I may lose a couple of viewpoints within the tour that I want to keep, and trying to recreate the tour in a different wan to solve the problem can take hours. It could be very helpful and a huge time saver (at least in my case) to allow manually correcting the photo placement.


  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for asking this question. Occasionally Cupix can misplace photos as you have experienced. You will be able to add more photos or perhaps copy a photo that was misplaced (we are working on this feature to be available also in February).  And we are always improving core data processing algorithms to help reduce mismatch and will be releasing a new enhancements soon.

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    Cupix Support

  • Understood, and thank you!

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  • Are these features available at this moment?

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  • Hi, Paul.

    Adding more photos to an already processed 3D tour is not possible. However, you can create a new 3D tour and combine it with an existing 3D tour. You can refer to this video tutorial( to learn more about this feature. Also, if all the sections are aligned well but some of the panos are located in the wrong position, you can fix it manually by using 'Transform Pano.' Right-Click(or click and press it for a couple of seconds) the misplaced pano, and select 'Transform Pano.' You can position it to the place that it's supposed to be.  Once you are done, press the ESC key to exit the editing mode. We're preparing a tutorial video for this feature, and share it with you soon. In the meantime, share your 3D tour with us then we will take a look and record the process for you. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • We are glad to deliver the update news for you. From today, Sept 28, 2018, you are able to add more photos after processing. You can find this new function in the Overview tab. Click the section that you want to add more photos, and then click the cloud icon on the top labeled 'Upload and import panos.' Note that the server doesn't alight the panos that you additionally imported, therefore, you need to manually align them after the upload process is complete. You can refer to this video tutorial( to learn more about how to align panos. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

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