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Choose for startingview every image.


I want the viewer to look in a certain direction when he start with the first image, but after i changed the the view and saved it, it is not really saved. When I start the tour over again, the viewer looks in the wrong direction. Hope someone can help.

  • Hi, Robert 

    Sorry for your inconvenience. It seems like a glitch, and we are working on fixing it. Meanwhile, we suggest an alternative way. After clicking setting as entry photo and setting a viewpoint,  turn off 'Publish' option and turn it on again. Then save the tour.

    This issue will be fixed in our next update that will be released in two weeks. Again, we're very sorry for your inconvenience and thanks for reporting this issue. 

    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

  • It looks like I am having the same problem. A friend called me this morning and said the virtual tour did not open as it usually does. I have had the tour open at one location for the last month and have not done any updates or changes. For some reason, the tour opens at a completely different location but whats more frustrating is that picture lost all it's links so you can't navigate or move from that location. After playing with it for several hours I believe the navigation is now fixed, I have not idea what I did to fix it, but now I can't change the opening picture. I have played with it trying to change to other locations but it is locked on that picture. I can ever hide the picture but that doesn't help. I have cleared my cache and even tried it on other computers and using different browsers but no luck.  Did Cupix have an update last night?

  •  Hi, Mike.

    First of all, we're sorry for your inconvenience. We had some minor updates; section selector, UI changes, review feature, etc, and these could cause the change in your 3D tour. We apologize that we couldn't inform you in advance and we will try to make sure to update our app with all of our users' 3D tours intact in our next update. Our development team is looking into any further bugs related to this case, and if there is, it will be fixed by this week.

    There are several scenarios that may cause the problem you are going through. We've added the section selector feature which enables you to create a multi-level 3D tour easily, and your clients can't navigate the 3D tour unless you add each section(or group) to the section selector. We've carefully checked into your 3D tour, and it consists of two groups, but none of them are added to the section selector. Therefore, we guess the entry photo set on the bottom floor doesn't appear in the web player and a random entry photo that you hasn't set shows up when you open the player. For your information, a random photo of the first section in the list on the Overview will be set as an entry photo by default. The bottom line is that we recommend setting an entry photo again after adding each group to the section selector. We couldn't edit your 3D tour since it's already published which means our test may affect your current clients. So we want you to try this method and if it still doesn't work, let us know.

    Another possible cause for this problem is that you might have saved your 3D tour without awareness. We've updated a lot of features on the Review tab, and now the 3D tour will be automatically saved when you enter the Review tab. There could be a possibility that the unwanted change was applied to your 3D tour. 

    We're still working on identifying any other bugs in your 3D tour, and we'll get back to you as soon as we find something. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Ok, thanks for the reply. I have worked with this for several hours last night and this morning and have not been able to get this to work correctly. This project has been a problem child from the start, not your fault. It's been a learning experience and I understand you guys are constantly correcting issues and working on your software, that's good. At this point, I don't know what I can really do to fix this. It seems the tour is stuck on one picture, NOT RANDOM, and I can't get it corrected. I even tried picking another picture next to the one that keeps coming up, as my opening picture and it won't allow that. I have grouped and ungrouped the floors, reconnected them and that doesn't work. I ungrouped the floors and only added the bottom floor to the section list hoping that would kill the unwanted top floor picture. Then I picked the entry picture I wanted on the bottom floor. After saving it I checked it using a separate browser and also tried it on the cellphone and the darn thing opened to the same photo upstairs. I've cleaned the cache and that didn't work. I asked someone at work to look at it and the problem is still there. I'm going to unpublish so you can take a look at it. I do have two other, single pictures that I uploaded several weeks ago in hopes of fixing the issue I was having inserting picture frames and 3D text into a scene. The single picture "test" didn't work out but I did realize that I could inject the pictures and text in some other parts of the tour successfully while other areas were not working correctly. At this point, I may just delete the tour and start over. If you want I'll leave it up so we can continue to troubleshoot the problems. This tour has lots of issues so it might be a good thing to leave it up so we can work on it. It might fix the issues for someone else. Another few items, I noticed last week that when I opened the tour the navigation prompts would appear. Of course, when you clicked or moved the picture those would go away and you could always click the icons in the top left to get them back. Those prompts do not appear anymore. Not sure why they don't show up anymore but I always thought it was helpful for someone visiting the tour for the first time. The last thing is concerning the autosaving feature you mention when clicking on the Review tab. Although I like the autosave function in most cases I'm not sure I like it with this software unless there is an "undo" feature. I know that I have made many changes testing this tour and changes I make are sometimes unwanted. Worst yet, I may make changes and not fully understand the outcome which causes a whole nother set of problems. Maybe have a button in the setting to turn autosave on and off. 

  • Hi, Mike

    To summarize your problems, you have

         1. Unable to change the entry pano and the same pano keeps appearing.

         2. Issues in inserting 3D objects in certain panos

         3. 3D tour help info that you call the navigation prompts doesn't show up

    problems and you requested a new feature, undo autosave. 


    1. First of all, we do appreciate that you allowed us to test your 3D tour. We've carefully checked your 3D tour but couldn't find any technical issues when changing the entry pano. When we changed the entry pano and viewpoint, the change was directly applied to both the preview on the Review tab and the web player. We couldn't identify the cause of the issue since it worked. We also have no clue why it's not working on your computer, but we'll try to take a look further. Also, we've recorded the screen and attached the video here for your reference. Or, can you send us a video record of that problem?

    2. If the 3D mesh is not properly generated, this issue can occur. We recommend adding an occlusion box(insert > box > turn on occlusion box option) and add other 3D objects on top of that. 

    3. You can turn on/off the help info in Settings> player setting > others. Please check if the 'Show Help Info' option is on. 

    Your feature request has been accepted, and we'll inform you if that feature is applied to our app.

    We think you'd better create a new 3D tour dividing it into 4 sections to get rid of all the technical issues you are going through. However, as you said, this case can be useful to improve our service, and we'd appreciate if you just it up so we can continue working on it. 

  • Thanks, I have tried changing the photos as you did but it's not working or me. I'm not going to delete the tour because I want to work with it some more but I will upload the pictures again and have maybe 5 or 6 sections to create a new tour. I have proven that I can connect sections together with no problem. Meantime, can you set the intro picture to the one I have included? It is located downstairs at the end of the hallway. It seems like everything else is working well enough that I can allow people to look at it. I'll continue to work on the new one and once I have it working I'll take the old one down. Also, and I think this is a bug that is affecting me only, the help buttons are displayed and are turned on in my settings panel. What I was talking about was the actual info you get when you click on the help buttons. Ever since I have used this program the help "info", as seen in the picture I attached, always is displayed when you first start the tour. Click the picture and the info goes away, normal. That's why I made the comment about the info being displayed at the beginning is good because people may not know how to navigate or know there are help buttons at the top left. The help info stopped "auto" displaying last week. Not a big deal, it's just more small issues I'm having.

  • Hi, Mike.

    We've found the same problem when we tried to set a pano on the bottom floor, and we are working on it to fix right now. This issue will be fixed soon in our next update. To explain briefly about the cause, the section list is in ascending order in the Overview tab, and you can only set a pano of a section on the top of the section at this moment. When you grouped the sections, the '2nd Floor Back Bay' was listed on top of the list under the group, and for that reason, the entry pano on the bottom floor didn't show up properly. We're going to change the way setting an entry pano regardless of the order in the list when it comes to a grouped section. 

    We've changed the entry pano as you desired by adding numbers in front of the name of each section. We added number 1 to the name of the section that has an entry pano(1.Bottom). It's not a fundamental solution solve this problem, but you can use this method as a temporary alternative for a while until the next update. Or you can simply share the current viewpoint link of the entry pano. Keep in mind that your 3D tour should be published. Otherwise, the link will lead your clients to the Review tab instead of web player.

    For the 'Help Info' problem, we've checked that you turned on the option. It seems like a minor technical issue, and we're also working on it as well. Again, we appreciate that you've shared this issue with us and you helped us a lot to improve our service. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support.

  • I have taken your advice and uploaded a NEW floor plan to see if I can correct some bugs in the original. I have not published either at this time so you can look at them. The first plan, the one I was having trouble choosing the starting picture, has seemingly picked another starting point by itself. Not sure why. Meantime I have been working on the new tour trying to get the sections and floor lined up and leveled but I have run into another issue. Seems I can't see any of the pictures. Don't know if I clicked a setting to do this. You will also notice, in the new tour, I only connected the pictures walking down the middle of the bays and hallways while I align everything. After uploading the pictures the program connected many pictures that shouldn't have been connected. One example was connecting pictures between the top and bottom floor which made it confusing. Let me know what you find. Thanks for your help.

  • Hi, Mike.

    We have limits to get what you mean. Since you use different terminology and this is something we need to talk while watching the screen. Can we make a schedule to talk about all the problems you sharing the screen? 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I can't seem to find where to "set as entry photo and set a viewpoint"? This step does't seem to be documented well...

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