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Custom Thumbnail for published link

I’d like to see the ability to upload a custom thumbnail that will be displayed on Facebook or via text msg when I paste the published link to a tour. There is currently no way to distinguish between tours, and it would be nice to see a still image of the space that the link will go to
  • Hello, Greg. Thank you for trying out Cupix. We are aware of that issue, and developing a feature to customize the thumbnail images, titles, and descriptions for shared links in Facebook. The new feature will be available around early next year. We'll send you a newsletter when the feature is released. Thank you.

  • Ah, the exact same question I had. This feature will be very useful, since I think clients will want to have the ability to use their own images or descriptions of the virtual tour links. 

  • Hi, Jan.

    We've added the feature in our app, and it will be deployed in our next update in February! Thanks

    Best Regards.

    Cupix Support

  • Great News!  This feature has been added.  Check the article here or search for Social Media Posts on the support!  Happy tour sharing.

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