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congratulations on your product.

I haven't yet started using it, as I am waiting for my 360 camera to arrive, but I already know it is very good based on previews and reviews.

I understand the platform is free to use during open beta period, but before I start using it, I would like to know if you already have a determined (or estimate) price for when you do start charging and if it will be on a subscription basis.  The reason for my question is that I don't want to start offering a service to my clients without knowing how much it is going to cost me.

Thanking you in advance.


  • good question...I have been looking for a less expensive service that I can offer one that isn't the usual matterport one...they do heavy marketing, i did not invest in it because it was not economically feasible, and everybody could do a photographer I need to sell my service and not have a realtor copy it...especailly with a link back to you for them to discover and cut me out of the loop...without making an investment in time and dollars I need to know the same thing how much will it probably cost in order for me 

    to continue

  • Tom Garrett it is a good question and idea. I am in the same case. We wait for a reply. 

  • Hi.  

    Thanks for your interest in our service. We're very sorry, but we haven't determined our pricing yet. We are still working on analyzing the market and collecting users' opinion to find the best fit. We deeply understand your concerns about the pricing, but the only thing we can say at this moment is, it will be very reasonable compared to other professional hosting software. Also, We're seriously considering to have a free version after the Open Beta in order to lower the barrier of entry in our service. We hope that gives you a level of comfort. 

    We can give you an estimated pricing around the middle of January and we hope you give us more opinion when it's announced. The final pricing will be released the end of January or the beginning of February.

    Please note that tours are completely free and will always be free if created during the beta period.


    Support Team

  • Hi Cupix team,

    Just wanted to check in to see if you already have more details about intended pricing?

    We are in the same position as some other people above that we would need to get some ballpark pricing before we fully engage on using your tool.

    Thanks a lot, MB

  • Hi. MB

    Thanks for writing in. We'll announce the pricing soon in February. We understand that many beta users are curious about our pricing plan and concern if they can adapt our app to their daily workflow, but we are not ready to publish our pricing yet. We're sorry to keep you waiting, but please wait a little while longer. 

    Best Regards

    Cupix Support

  • I will receive my camera today a Ricoh Theta S. We still waiting for the pricing. It will good to know to build a business plan.

    Merci beau travail


  • Hello Frédéric,

    Thank you for reaching out. We're going to disclose the official price plan sometime later this month, so we cannot give you exact figures, but it will be comprised of 3 plans with different benefits, the cheapest plan being under $40 per month. Even with the most basic plan you will still be able to create more than a dozen 3D tours, or more depending on the size of the house, and share or publish on the web, for example Facebook, Twitter and even Google Street View. 

    Hope this is helpful to you.

    Best regards,

    Cupix Support

  • It's a good news thanks

  • Hi Cupix Team!

    Great product.

    I was wondering if it would be any special price for those who are using the Beta version now.

    Looking forward for the pricing. 



  • Hi, Matias.

    Thanks for writing in and your interest in Cupix. The announcement of the official pricing may be delayed due to the improvement of stability, and now you can use the Beta service a month longer. The official service will have almost same features as the Beta version has, and being a Beta user can take benefits of using our service for free for another one month. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support 

  • Wahoo....another month free! Im loving this service for my rental properties and selling real estate. I've actually rented three places site unseen bc they were able to view the walk thru's. Thank you!

  • Hi, Casey!

    We'll officially start the pricing from May. Just feel free to create tours with cupix. Also, we're planning to open a user gallery that you can showcase tours to other users and get exposure. We hope you share your tours when the gallery is ready. 

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Thank you Cupix team to put all this together!

    I am looking forward for this great technology that help us to improve the rental business.



  • This is a great product, I look forward to using it for many years to come. Well Done


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