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I can't seem to find information on doing a multi-story house. Do we take pictures continually down/up stairs and let the processor figure out it is an elevation change? Or do we somehow make a link from one marker (bottom of steps) to another specific marker (top of steps)?

  • Hi Zach,

    Great question!  In Cupix, you can group multiple sections together.  It's not required to take photos of the stairs. Instead you can take photos of Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, etc., and then upload each to it's own Section when you are creating the tour.  For example:

    1. Floor 1 has 50 photos.
    2. Floor 2 has 60 photos.
    3. Floor 3 has 25 photos.

    Once the tour is processed, you can group the sections together. Here they are grouped together.


    Once they are grouped, within the Floor Plan tab you can change the Elevation (highlighted below) and arrange all of the sections on top of each other.


  • I don't understand how you make sub groups within a folder. I uploaded each floor in a separate section. Is there a way to achieve those same steps you've detailed above? I tried but when I merged the grouped the images together even though I adjusted the elevation nothing was changing. 

    Thank you.

  • Hello Richard!

    The key difference is you have many sections separated for the 2nd floor, whereas in the example, there's only one section per each floor. Unfortunately, it's difficult to link floors if you have multiple sections for each floor. We're working to make linking multiple floors easier, but for now, please try not to make sections separated for each floor. 

    By the way, sections are usually separated because photo spacing is too far away. Please try to maintain about 4~5ft among photos, and even closer when it comes to narrow hallways and T or L shaped ways. 

    If you're still having difficulties, please send us a ticket and share your tour with us, so we can look more deeply into it.

    Best regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I understand what you're saying now. Each level would auto group together if the pictures are taken close enough together. I have numerous groups because the images were spread to far apart from each other, therefore weren't stitched as a single floor. This explains why I had to move around the floor plan in order to align everything properly. Is this correct? Based on What I've already made is there away to reengineer it to get the multi level result in one section?

    Thank you!!!


  • Okay I think I understand now. You're saying the reason the photos didn't arrange properly is because the spacing in between each picture taken exceeded 5ft? Is this is also the reason that I had to manually rearrange the floor plan since the stitching didn't recognize the string of photos? Based on my currentWalk-through is there anyway to reengineer so that two two levels can appear in The same section?



  • Hello,

    Is there a way either currently or planned for an upcoming release to allow displaying different floor plan images for different floors? Being able to show a floor plan is really helpful for viewers to know where they are in the space, but the floor plans, probably especially for multi-story homes, are very different per floor. I would imagine that a workaround for now could be to simply have two separate tours, but that probably wouldn't be a great option for us in the future if the pricing structure ends up being per tour. Otherwise, do you have any additional suggestions for accomplishing that goal? Please let me know your thoughts when you have a chance. Thanks!

    Best regards,


  • Hello Jason,

    Thank you for a great question. As for now, in order to tag different floorplans to each floor, first, you need to group each floor separately. This is because you can upload only one floorplan per group. By doing this, however, linking floors becomes questioning, but, you can use the 'Highlight' function in this case. Adding a 3D text right next to stairs saying 'please use highlight to go upstairs(or downstairs)', for example, could be optional but quite helpful to viewers. 

    By the way, our current process of linking floors will be streamlined in the upcoming release. Unlike the current system, you will be able to align different groups on the same screen. Since you can upload one floorplan per group, you won't have to worry about showing a floorplan for each floor, while linking them together.

    Hope this was helpful to you, but if you have any question, please feel free to let us know anytime.

    Best regards,

    Cupix Support

  • Hello Richard

    Sorry for a late reply. Basically what you said seems right. But regarding the photo spacing, here's our new tips. Keeping these in mind will also improve your results.

           <Tips on Photo Spacing>

    • Take 1 photo under every doorway 
    • Space photos by 1 step near doorways  
    • Space photos by 2 step in hallways  
    • Space photos by 3 step in rooms  

    And here's another tip for you, after walking around your tour. There was too much sunlight coming from outside in several rooms. This will differentiate brightness between rooms and hallways, so chance of getting these spaces separated might goes up as result. So please use the curtain or adjust the brightness of photos you take. For further info on taking photos, please also have a look at our new tutorial. I'm sure this will help you in many ways.

    As for your shared tour, it has so many sections separated on each floor, so it will take too much time to rearrange them one by one. Instead, please try using 'Highlight' function. First, group each floor and arrange sections separately. Once setting the location of every section on each floor is done, add highlights to each end of the stairway. By doing this, viewer will be able to walk around each floor and go up/downstairs simply by clicking the thumbnails in the highlight reel. 

    If you have more questions, please do let us know.

    Best regards,

    Cupix Support

    on each floor(if you have a floorplan for each floor, it would be much easier!), and add a highlight to each end of the stairway. 

  • Thank you for your fast reply and help! I will look forward to the next release with great anticipation :) For my purposes, the multi-floor capability has been the only major difficulty on this platform vs others, and I'll be very excited to see how it improves in the next release.

    Best regards,


  • When will the upcoming release be??

  • Hi, Jenny. 

    The major update will be around May, and we will announce the pricing as well. In the meantime, we'll fix bugs and improve some features. We post our new feature every week on Facebook, so follow our page and keep yourself updated. Here's our facebook page link.

    Best regards,

    Cupix Support

  • I am still very fuzzy about distinction between sections, group and floor. I want to make a plan of a 3-floor house. Each  floor has several rooms. In other word, a typical house. Now, do I create a section for each rooms and halls and a group for each floor? Put simply, when to create a section? If sections correspond to floors why not just call them floors? Just wish the app will have groupings called Floor, Room, Hall, etc...

  • Hi, Ousmane

    We're sorry that the term 'section' brought you confusion. We have a very wide spectrum of users from realtors to construction project managers, and we needed to choose a neutral term that can embrace all of them.  

    If it's 3-story house, create 3 sections and upload each floor to each section. (1st floor -section1, 2nd floor -section2, 3rd floor - section3)

    Here are more details about the concept of the section. >>

    Best Regards,

    Cupix Support

  • WOW, that is what I call support. Quick and clear answer. I am sold. Thanks,
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