Yes. Publishing from Cupix to Google Street View is now supported as of mid-March 2018. The workflow starts with a Cupix tour:

  1. Create a tour by uploading panos to Cupix. It should take about an hour to process depending on the size of your tour. You will end up with aligned and connected panos and a 3D mesh that you can use later to more easily place the tour within Google Maps.
  2. Make any color adjustments to pano such as gamma, contrast and vibrance, and add or remove a blurring mask to selected areas in panos. Faces in the panos will be automatically blurred using artificial intelligence features in Cupix that detect faces. You can customize your nadir patch at this time which can be used to cover the appearance of the tripod at the bottom of the photo.
  3. Align the panos and 3D mesh to maps and hit Publish. Cupix will publish to Google Street View using the Google account you select. Your panos and the connections between panos will appear in Google Maps typically within a few minutes. A link to the Google Maps location will be stored in the Cupix editor if you ever need to revisit what you have published.

A few notes:

  • Levels not supported. Publishing to separate levels in Street View is not available at this time. Let us know if that is a make-or-break feature for you and we'll prioritize this.
  • Unpublish is available through Cupix. You can Unpublish the Google Street View panos from the Cupix editor. Just hit the unpublish button and step through the unpublish confirmations. 

This video covers publishing to Google Street View from Cupix.