* Before you start…

A Workspace is a folder that contains 3D tours and other digital assets (files). If you have your own business and do not need to let other users manage your tours or account setting, you need only one Workspace which will appear by default. Users who are working with different stakeholders and collaborators across projects may want to create a new Workspace for each project. You can share Workspaces with other users and set their roles as Team Admin or Member or the Workspace. Player branding such as company logo can be set by each Workspace. 

All the tours and files in Workspaces will be stored in the nearest Cupix cloud server from the address you entered. Please set the right Workspace address to enjoy the fastest upload and download speeds. If you can not find an exact address in the list, just set the closest address. 

  • Understanding the different user roles and permission

        In order to control which users have access to Workspaces and what they can do, Cupix has two roles and two different ways to share your tours.

 [Image 1] Sample Team/Share Setting


“Team Member Types”

    - Team Admins: Team Admins control the highest level administrative settings. Team Admins can manage members and access all Workspaces. Team Admins have the access to every Workspace of the team and also have authority to edit or delete all the Workspaces or 3D tours. The (one) Billing Admin has all the privileges of Team Admins.

    - Member: Members can access the Workspace that they are invited. They can access all the tours in the Workspace but cannot delete tours unless they are the owner of the tours. 


You can share access to your Workspace by adding your team members or inviting other team members to the Workspace. There are two different access level you can assign or be assigned; Read & Write and Read Only. 

    - Read & Write: Able to edit a tour and leave comments. 

    - Read Only: Able to access Review tab only.

* If you just want to present your tour, share a link of the web player by embedding it on your website, posting it on your social media or simply sending a link. You can do this within the Publisher tab of an individual 3D Tour instead of sharing the entire Workspace.

Team Permissions

Team Members



Create a Workspace

Delete/Activate/Deactivate a Workspace

(Allowed to do if you created the Workspace)

Access to Team Settings

(Company logo, manage members etc.)


[Table 1] Permission of Team Members

Workspace Permissions


Read Only

Create a 3D tour

Delete a 3D tour

(Allowed to do if you created the 3D tour)

Access to Edit features of Tour

(Overview and Review tab Only)


(photos, export, etc)

[Table 2] Share Access Level