* Before you start… 

“Definition of Section”

A section can contain a group of photos, videos, or photos and videos that will be processed and aligned together. You should try to separate areas captured into different sections, for example, separate the 1st and 2nd floor of a building or the interior and exterior spaces of a property into different sections. The Cupix server computes a 3D virtual tour section by section, so it’s more time efficient for you to group photos or videos into multiple sections when the site is very big or has multiple levels. Sometimes photos or videos grouped in the same section are split into several subsections because the server fails to map the sequence of photos or video in 3D. Multiple sections can be manually merged into a group when more seamless transitions between sections are needed.

  • Step by Step Guide

        ① On the ‘Overview’ tab, select sections you want to group and click ‘Group icon.’  

        ② Move on to the next tab, and select the group with the sections you want to align. Click the section and place it in a proper position by rotating and dragging it. 

            You can also adjust scale size, camera height, etc if necessary.

            *Tip. A floor plan is helpful to align sections. Add a floor plan image to the "Asset library" if you have one. 

            *Tip. Hide the separated sub-section if it consists of a single photo that already exists in the main section.

        ③ Go to the station that needs to be attached to the other section and right click the station that you want to connect in the other section. 

            Click ‘Connect’ to connect the 2 stations which will connect the view in the tour. 

        ④ Repeat this process if you have more sections to connect and align. Check the preview on the "Publisher" tab to see if they are aligned correctly.