Profile Picture : The profile picture will be displayed on every 3D virtual tour that you create. Other users can see your profile when you share your 3D virtual tour. The first two letters of your name will be set as a default profile picture. You can upload an image less than 1MB in size. 

 Choose a Hosting Region : Type a region where you want to provide your 3D virtual tours to improve load speed. We assign your 3D virtual tour to the closest Cupix cloud server.

 Process Notification : Receive process notifications by email such as the completion of 3D virtual tour. 

 Newsletters : Subscribe to our newsletter gets the latest on updates, features, and the industry news. 

Logo image : This image appears at the center of the Cupix web player while your 3D virtual is loading. SVG, JPEG and PNG formats are supported and the image should be maximum 240x120 pixels.

 Watermark image : This image appears at the top center of your 3D virtual tours. You can adjust the width of the image and the size of the image should be maximum 240x120 pixels.SVG, JPEG and PNG formats are supported. 

 Nadir photo : This image is cropped to a circle and appears at bottom of your 3D virtual tours (or nadir) when you look down. JPEG and PNG formats are supported and the image should be square and less than 512x512 pixels. This image can only be seen by a someone using the web player if the minimum tilting angle broader than 65 degrees. 

 Show Help Messages : Show simple messages on the lower left side of the screen while in the Cupix Virtual Tour editor.

 Initial Field of View : Set the field of view in your 3D virtual tours. The field of view is the extent of the observable image that is seen at any given moment. A smaller FOV makes the camera zoom in and a larger field of view shows more of the image on the screen. You may set the Initial Field of View from 24-degree to 100-degree.

 Currency / Area: Set the default unit of currency and area.

 Language : Support English, Japanese and Korean.