Virtual objects allow you to further customize your 3D virtual tour and deliver more information which can be useful in many industries and especially in the construction industry,  

1. Click the tabs at the top of the page labeled ‘Floor Plan’ or 'Publisher.' Click the arrow labeled 'Insert Object'

2. Locate and orient yourself so you are looking at a place where you want to add virtual objects and click an icon in the left menu bar. You can move an object once it is placed by clicking and dragging it with the left mouse button.

Add a box : Click the ‘box’ icon to add a box which can represent a bounding box of an object such as a table, bed, etc. You can change the name, the size, color, and the transparency. 

Add a photo frame : Click the ‘photo frame’ icon. You can change the name, the size, color, and the transparency. You can import photos from your asset library or add a new one. We support JPEG, PNG and PDF file format.

Add a 3D text : Click the ‘3D text’ icon. You can also change the name, the content, color, height, depth, transparency, and font size. 

Add a pushpin : Click the ‘pushpin’ icon. You can add a note within the pushpin to provide more detailed information. A pushpin is like a 3D tag which helps other users and web viewers better understand your 3D virtual tour better. You can insert a link to your website, video, etc. You can also change color and make the text bold, italic, underlined.

Frosted : show the virtual object semi-transparently in the web player

Show Dimensions : show dimension of the virtual object in the web player

Show Edges : show the outline of the virtual object in the web player

Lock Position: fix the virtual object in the 3D virtual tour. You can not drag it once you lock its position. You can turn locking on or off for your convenience while editing. The location of virtual objects will not move in the published web player regardless of this setting.

Show Leader Line : show an annotation leader line

Allow Custom Head Point : change the base position of the annotation leader line