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Tour resolution Low/Standard available — will high become available?

Will there be an option for high resolution tours in the live version?   — side question - where can I find the HTML to post on a web  page

Hi, David.

Thanks for writing in. The tour will always be presented with the highest resolution in the web player regardless of the option you set in the editing mode. The resolution option takes effect only in the editing mode so that you can enjoy faster speed in editing.

For the side question, go to the 'Publisher tab' and click the 'Embed' on the right side of the screen. Click copy icon and paste the embed code to your website. 

You can refer to the image below. 

Best Regards, 

Cupix Support

Thank you ... I'm testing a Samsung 360 camera .. I am mistaking the inherent pixel noise in the images from this camera with "low res" on your end ... i really appreciate your quick response

Im looking at the Ricoh theta V to try next ... if any users have shareable links of home/hotel room spaces using this camera, that would be great.

Thanks Again

Good for you. We do recommend the Ricoh Theta V considering the general quality of tours. Contact us anytime when you have questions. 

Best Regards,

Cupix Support

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