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Custom Thumbnail for published link

I’d like to see the ability to upload a custom thumbnail that will be displayed on Facebook or via text msg when I paste the published link to a tour. There is currently no way to distinguish between tours, and it would be nice to see a still image of the space that the link will go to

Hello, Greg. Thank you for trying out Cupix. We are aware of that issue, and developing a feature to customize the thumbnail images, titles, and descriptions for shared links in Facebook. The new feature will be available around early next year. We'll send you a newsletter when the feature is released. Thank you.

Ah, the exact same question I had. This feature will be very useful, since I think clients will want to have the ability to use their own images or descriptions of the virtual tour links. 

Hi, Jan.

We've added the feature in our app, and it will be deployed in our next update in February! Thanks

Best Regards.

Cupix Support

Great News!  This feature has been added.  Check the article here or search for Social Media Posts on the support!  Happy tour sharing.

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