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Free standing data

Hi there,

Brilliant looking software. Can you tell me please if it is possible to download a tour to be able to add it to a video?

Or is it only view-able on your site?

Thank you

Sorry guys,should have read the help and topics. Thanks

Glad you found the link. Here it is for anyone that hasn't found it --


You'll get an email with download links to your point-cloud and OBJ textured mesh. You can use those any way you'd like.

Feel free to submit a ticket directly to support anytime as well. Our support team will have to put more eye onto this forum.

Which software / freeware do you recommend to view the model (.ply- / .obj - files)
There is no help-article on these filetypes in your online-help.

Kind regards


Hi Gunnar,

You might find that Meshlab and Cloud Compare fit your needs. Here is another article on point cloud software: There are many uses of point clouds and meshes and a wide variety of software for processing the data depending on the use case. 


Cupix Support

I found out after reading the above article:
The FREE Autodesk Viewer can import the 3D-data (texturedmesh0.obj) you provide and I can view and move the 3D-model using this software.


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