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DNG format vs JPG

Wondering if this is going to support DNG in the near future. Insta360 Pro does a much better job capturing raw than jpg, meaning its worth shooting raw and converting to jpg, but it would save a step if we could just upload the raw files.

Hello David Cameron,

First of all, thank you for trying out Cupix. And thank you for your question too. This way, we get to hear what people think about Cupix, thus, helping us to come up with a solution that suits their needs well. 

Now, regarding your question, unfortunately, we are not planning on supporting other than JPEG. However, that is just for now, since we think it is worth studying to find out what's best for the users, so this may change. We will let you know if there are any new updates in this regard in the near future. 

Thank you,

Cupix Support

Would definitely love support for DNG and other formats.

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